The program has helped share the importance of concussion safety to over 1,500 teams and more than six million athletes. The goal of Team Up Against Concussions is for as many athletes as possible to hear a simple speech. The core message: athletes have a responsibility to tell a team leader if they notice concussion signs in a teammate. The speech is a one-minute speech that can save an athlete's season, career, or life by encouraging athletes to speak up for themselves and their teammates when it comes to concussions.

Missouri Hockey and the other Central District Affiliates are excited to be a supporter of the Team UP Against Concussions initiative and encourage all coaches and parents to partner with USA Hockey to give "The Speech" to all players. The Team Up speech should come from a coach or team leader and be given at any time. It may have more effect if it comes from a team member. Either way we encourage all participants to video the speech and post for the entire hockey community to see. 

The Speech

We're a team, and teammates look out for each other. A teammate with a concussion needs your help. I expect you to SPEAK UP to a coach, team leader or athletic trainer if you think a teammate has a concussion.